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The Right Choice for Whistleblowers

Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP is a 180-lawyer firm with offices inAtlanta,Boca Raton,Chicago,Melville,New York,San Diego,San Francisco,Philadelphia,Nashville, andWashington,D.C.  The Firm is actively engaged in representing whistleblowers in exposing fraud and in complex litigation, emphasizing securities, consumer, insurance, healthcare, human rights, employment discrimination and antitrust class actions.  The Firm’s unparalleled experience and capabilities in these fields are based upon the talents of its attorneys, who have successfully prosecuted thousands of class action lawsuits.

The Firm has the resources, experience, capability and tenacity to achieve superior results.    This successful track record stems from our experienced attorneys, including many who left partnerships at other firms or came to the Firm from federal, state and local law enforcement and regulatory agencies, including dozens of former prosecutors and SEC attorneys. The Firm also includes more than 25 former federal and state judicial clerks, as well as its own appellate group with significant experience at all appellate levels, and reaching as far up as the Supreme Court.  Their legal strength is enhanced by a world-class, in-house team of forensic accountants, investigators, chartered financial analysts and economists.  With this unparalleled roster of talented lawyers and professionals, the Firm is not only well-situated to investigate and prosecute the most complicated of fraud cases, but has the experience and financial wherewithal to protect a whistleblower’s interests, including concerns of confidentiality and privacy.  

The Firm’s record of success includes some of the largest recoveries in history:

Robbins Geller has the financial resources to litigate even the most financially demanding cases as sole counsel, prosecuting cases such as Enron, Household International and UnitedHealth to a successful conclusion. The Firm has won 8 out of 25 of the largest settlements which were led by a single lead counsel.  

Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP is committed to fighting for our whistleblower clients in their courageous efforts to combat fraud. We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive the compensation and protection they deserve.  If you are aware of any securities, commodities, or tax law violations or fraud on the government and would like to consult with us on a confidential basis about a potential whistleblower case, please contact Jonah H. Goldstein or James E. Barz.