About the Firm

Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP specializes in securities litigation on behalf of investors. Judges have described the Firm as one of the most formidable securities law firms in the country. With nearly 200 lawyers in 10 offices nationwide, and thousands of successfully concluded securities actions, Robbins Geller has the resources, experience and tenacity to achieve superior results.

Robbins Geller has the resources to litigate even the most financially demanding cases. As sole lead counsel in cases such as Enron, Household International and UnitedHealth, Robbins Geller was able to litigate independently and successfully. Robbins Geller’s securities team includes dozens of former federal and state prosecutors (many of whom are former Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lawyers) and trial attorneys. Additionally the Firm consists of 450 employees, including forensic accountants, economists, damage analysts, investigators, paralegals, database programmers and computer security experts.

The Firm’s whistleblower team is comprised of former federal and state prosecutors, including the former U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee, as well as former trial attorneys at the SEC.  These seasoned attorneys uniquely position Robbins Geller to achieve the best and most rewarding results for its clients. This is especially true in the False Claims Act arena, where academic studies have shown that relators represented by former Department of Justice (DOJ) attorneys, including Assistant U.S. Attorneys, enjoy a roughly 25% greater success rate than those who are not represented by former DOJ attorneys.

If you would like to know more, and would like to speak with someone to help inform you about the whistleblowing process, please contact us.   

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