Government Procurement Fraud

Government Procurement Fraud

The government enters into contracts with private companies for a wide variety of necessary goods and services in virtually every industry, from the buying of military supplies to the building of highways and government buildings. The U.S. government is the largest single purchaser of goods and services in the country.  It has also become the most widely abused victim of procurement fraud. 

Fraud and corruption of the procurement process impacts the ability of the government to obtain the goods and services needed at the lowest competitive price and undermines the public perception of the integrity of the procurement process. 

Federal government procurement fraud is covered under the False Claims Act.  Accordingly, whistleblowers who report federal government fraud may be entitled to 15% to 30% of the government’s total recovery at settlement.  Also, many states and cities have enacted False Claims Acts to combat procurement fraud of state and local governments.

Common Forms of Government Procurement Fraud

Government procurement fraud can occur any time the government enters into a contract with a private entity. Whether the contract calls for the supply of weaponry, food, office supplies or computers, fraudulent procurement is just as likely to take place. The following forms of government procurement fraud are the most typical:

Government Procurement Fraud Attorneys

Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP is committed to fighting for our whistleblower clients in their courageous efforts to combat fraud.  If you are aware of an instance where a government contractor is committing, or has committed, fraud on the government and are thinking of blowing the whistle, please contact Jonah H. Goldstein or James E. Barz.  We can help you understand how to file a claim, what compensation you may be entitled to for your effort, and what protections you are afforded as a whistleblower, and can answer any other questions you may have concerning the False Claims Act.